Ring Ring! Cel Phone Calling!

If I wind up crying in the middle of class it’ll probably be because of my toothache ehe q uq

The problem w/ making a book cover about a werewolf story, and a supernatural romance one at that, is werewolf book covers can be a bit limiting, and like the actual covers of the book, I’m trying to avoid the romantic elements. I think Blood & Chocolate was trying to be ambiguous about who she ends up with (for reasons), And I’d rather focus on the loyalty conflict she has.

I just don’t want to rely on cliches, but I’m having a hard time coming up with anything new or unique for a werewolf story book cover. Maybe it’s because it’s 3am here.


wake up america


wake up america



Kamikaze thinks she is taking a shower in the rain, except the rain is hitting the windshield!

This is so cute

I remember reading about this months ago. I’m surprised it’s been posted since December of last year and not enough people seem to know or talk about it???



Dorkiest gang? I think you mean the COOLEST!









A descendent of theropod dinosaurs, Ladies & Gentlemen.

Think of the lives that could have been saved if they had a bucket of ping pong balls to distract the raptors.

this kills me dead

Crappy doodles to sum up history class tonight. On top of wearing fuzzy PJ pants I chose to bring my fuzzy BAB Werewolf Bigby to class and had him on my lap while taking notes. On the one hand I felt silly for taking a plushie with me to school… On the other I don’t want to because plushies are awesome!



if you like kids’ anime or really anything with a good style and designs pick up Tribe Cool Crew this season, it’s about dancing and is really cute and good. the CG dancing took a little getting used to but everything else is 2D and in this really adorable style that really pops

these screenshots look like they would be from the OP/ED but they’re all from regular scenes throughout the first episode (except the last two, which are the eye catches)

holy shit give this to me rn


I’m all for a Popples reboot. I would very much love one. In fact, I’ve been eagerly waiting ever since I saw the first reboot designs. I love them!

But can someone tell me how we went from these wonderful, charming redesigns:


To fucking MUTANT HAMSTERS????


So not impressed right now. Very disappointed.

Oh no I almost forgot about the top designs! :c Those were so cute!! I personally didn’t have much beef with what the netflix pic has to show, but remembering the earlier design ideas, well now I’m kinda bummed

Flaaffy - Pokemon